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As a trained actor, I can bring any role to life.Whether it's for animation, video games or audio dramas, I can help you craft authentic and compelling characters your audiences with love

Gaming Demo
Everywoman - Determined, Insecure, Defiant
Barmaid - Cheeky, London,
Knight - Playful, Exhasperated
Villain - Vengeful, Teasing
Audio Log - Frightened, US
Engineer - Assured, Dry, Condescending
Android - Soft, Considered
White Mage - Calm, Encouraging

2020 Copyright of Charlotte Cracknell. All rights reserved. No broadcast or transmission without obtaining prior consent. I do not give consent for any audio of my voice, on this site or any others, to be used, reproduced, distributed, downloaded or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior written agreement. 

Custom Demos for Your Script

It's vital to find the right voice for your business. So, if you'd like to hear how I'd sound on your project, I'm more than happy to record a free, custom demo of your script, just pop me a message!

Thanks for your message!

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